Hunter L.

  • 3 November 2022
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Hunter L.

Q: Why did you want to go into your field?
Hunter: Growing up I always had this passion for technology and engineering. Almost everyone could relate to building Legos or Lincoln-Logs. Although I love them both, I really started by building computers and 3D Printing. The idea of designing a product that fixed or solved a problem, then manufacturing it really intrigued me. In high school along with other math and physics classes I had the opportunity to learn Computer Aided Design (CAD) and loved it! From there on I have geared my studies toward engineering. I 3D printed a very efficient mouse trap car in physics, went to JJC for the IDEA CAD competition, I even went to the state finals for the construction of a Basswood bridge. Today I am very grateful to have found this passion. I love the field I have gotten into and I hope everyone can find their field that they love. 

Q: How did the Connect to Your Future program help you achieve your goals? 
Hunter: The Connect to Your Future program was perfect for me! The team of people were very helpful getting me enrolled into classes geared toward my field. They will also help you find internships in your field. Honestly one of the greatest decisions of my life!I owe a big thanks to all of my Workforce Development Coordinators!

Q: Are you currently working in your field?
Hunter: I worked in the manufacturing field throughout my time at JJC but was offered another opportunity in construction. Although I don’t work in my studied field anymore, I am able to use the skills I learned in class and at work and apply them into the projects I work on today. 

Q: Do you plan to further your education and pursue a bachelor's degree? Where? 
Hunter: Currently, I plan to continue working as a Project Engineer at Nichols Crane in Joliet. I would also like to continue with school and graduate with a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering at either Purdue or University of Southern Alabama. 

Q: What is your favorite quote? 
Hunter: Learn, Laugh, and Love. Without those you won't Live.

Q: What advice do you have for other youth in our area?
Hunter: The world is yours! It’s your life and the only person that can achieve your goals is you. This world is full of challenges, at least that's the way I look at it. Whatever those challenges are, use them to empower your motivation to achieve those goals. Trust me, I've had plenty of challenges! I didn't let my challenges stop me from my goals, they shouldn’t for you either.

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