Cleopatra Cook CPRW, CBEP

Business Service Representative
Employment & Employer Services (E&ES)

Cleopatra (Cleo), is an experienced
Business Services Representative in
helping you find solutions for your bottom
line. Focusing on Healthcare,
Information Technology, Manufacturing,
and Warehouse & Logistics.
The On-the-Job Training program is an
opportunity for your company to recoup the
cost and risks associated with hiring and
training new employees. Providing you
with customized training, candidate pipeline,
and resources to save you time and money.

Patrick Hall

Employer Relations Coordinator
Joliet Junior College

As the Employer Relations Coordinator,
Patrick works with area employers to
promote mentoring, paid work experience,
and employment opportunities for students
in the Connect to Your Future program.
He also helps prepare students with all
aspects of implementing a successful
job search including résumé writing,
interviewing, networking, and
job-search techniques and strategies.

The Will Works podcast is where you can learn more about the workforce programs, services and resources available in and around Will County. The podcast is hosted by Cleopatra (Cleo) Cook and Patrick Hall and features interviews with business owners and community leaders in education, community, and economic development on the workforce issues that matter to you.


In this episode, Cleo and Patrick discuss Joliet Junior College’s Connect to Your Future Program and Will County’s On-the-Job Training Program. Discover how to access occupational training in high growth, high demand occupations in Will County, as well as eligibility requirements for both programs. This episode also features the first “5 Minute Free for All” segment, where Cleo and Patrick go beyond workforce and discuss stories from their lives, movies, society, culture and more.


In this episode, Cleo and Patrick reveal the top 10 things that job seekers are looking for from employers, based on a recent article by John Salvadore, Managing Partner at GRN Coastal. 


In this episode, Cleo and Patrick reveal the top 10 traits that employers are looking for in job seekers, based on a Forbes article. Discover the importance of continuous learning, keeping an open mind, and more! 


In this episode, you'll learn about the importance of hiring persons with disabilities and how very often it only takes minor accommodations to tap into this talented labor pool. Discover some of the biggest barriers that people with disabilities face when seeking employment and the business case for the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the workplace. 


At the time of this recording, there were 29,000 people in Illinois on unemployment and approximately 21,000 jobs posted by employers. What are the various factors that are keeping people out of the workforce, and what can employers do to attract talent? Tune in as Cleo and Patrick share their thoughts about this topic and discuss their reflections on the previous two episodes of the Will Works Podcast.


In this episode you'll hear from an employer as he discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted his company's day-to-day operations, and the lasting impact from the pandemic. Discover staffing challenges as well as what businesses are doing to recruit talent. You'll also learn about the range of efforts that employers are making to ensure the health and safety of their workers. 


In this episode you'll hear from Gloria, a job seeker who shares her career journey, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted her job search efforts. Gloria reveals the support that she has received from the workforce system, and the different types of interviews that job seekers may face.


Tune in for episode 2 as your hosts Cleo and Patrick discuss the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the hiring landscape. Discover some of the challenges that employers are facing and as well as the barriers that workers are facing as they attempt to return to work. You'll also hear about some of the innovative services available to help connect workers to employment.


In this introductory episode, Cleo and Patrick reveal the purpose of the podcast,
share their respective backgrounds and how they came to their current roles,
and discuss the challenges and opportunities facing job seekers and employers
in the post-pandemic environment. They also share their favorite places to eat in Will County!